Cherryville Public Warehouse offers highly competitive Product Fulfillment Services. As a Fulfillment Company, we have been receiving, storing and shipping client product since 1945. Over the years, we have developed highly efficient systems to ensure your success. Today, those systems are online so you can receive the information you need 24/7 in real time.


When your materials arrive at Cherryville, we audit the shipment to verify quantities. Our goal is 100% inventory accuracy throughout the item's entire lifecycle with Cherryville. When the audit is complete, the item is entered into our proprietary software system and assigned to a storage location. Next, if requested, the item is scanned and a "thumbnail" image is posted to our online web interface. We can also post PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, HTML files and PowerPoint presentations. Your materials are now available for ordering or to be viewed online.

Inventory Management
Product Kits

As soon as your inventory has been received by Cherryville, it is eligible to be ordered. You can choose to send materials to one or many locations, create packages or kits. We can design a customized piece of collateral and add a personalized letter to accompany any order. After the order is placed, the Cherryville team goes to work assembling your order and closely managing the process to ensure your mission-critical product is gathered, packaged, and personalized exactly as you've directed.


Once an order has been finalized, the shipping process begins. A Cherryville warehouse specialist carefully audits and packages the item, ensuring that every last detail is correct and the package will arrive at your destination in perfect condition. The order is then forwarded to the shipping station. The Cherryville computerized shipping process ensures that your goods are shipped error-free and in the most cost-efficient way.


A key component of our Fulfillment Services, process is management reporting. When you place an order with Cherryville, our system immediately deducts the material from inventory in real-time so your inventory is always up-to-date. Also, our receiving, inventory management, shipping, and invoicing are fully integrated, which means that all of this information can be tracked and readily retrieved in easy-to-understand reports. You will be able to login through our Client Login link to view your inventory status at any time. With Cherryville, you can be confident that reports are built upon accurate data-so you can make the most informed decisions for your business.

Be sure to contact us for a quote on your Fulfillment needs today. Call Toll Free 1-800-438-8925. Find out what Cherryville can do for you.