The Cherryville Public Warehouse Online Account Management section of the web site makes it easy to track every detail. You just login and find the information you need.


Enter your User Name and Password. Then click the "Submit" button.



From the Control Panel, select the report you would like to see. You can choose a Summary Report or a Detailed Search option for each menu item - Goods Received, Goods On Hand or Goods Shipped.



Summary Reports can search your entire database of information.

Please Note: These are very long searchs. If you are on a 56K Dial Up connection, it could take several minutes to load. (Example: January, 2000 to April, 2003 could take up to 10 minutes to load. Please wait. Do not click the search again. Please To minimize the time it takes to load, you can narrow the date range of your search.



From each of the summary reports - Goods Received, Goods On Hand, Goods Shipped - you can click to the details of an individual receipt or shipping memo by clicking on the Receipt # or The Shipping Memo #.



The Detail Report gives you the complete information about each case in Receipt or Shipping Memo.



If you wish to search for a specific record, you can seach by Date, by Description or by Lot Number.

If you choose to seach by Date, enter the date range. If you choose to search by Description or by Lot #, enter the description or the lot # and then select the date range. Check the Date Range Check Box.


If you would like to have a better way to manage and track your warehouse operations, try our warehouse operations. The savings in time and investment as well as the excellent management control of your goods, makes doing it yourself obsolete.

It just one more great reason to Choose Cherryville!